8:00 AM to 8:30 AM  Registration & Networking

8:30 AM to 10:00 AM Session 1

Room 105:

PeopleForBikes and PlacesForBikes: Advancing Bicycling
Dr. Jennifer Boldry, PeopleForBikes

Dan Woodward, Engineer, City of Fort Collins

In this session you will learn how PeopleForBikes is helping communities across the country build better places to ride and how you can get involved. Jennifer Boldry, Director of Research, will tell you about the new PlacesForBikes program. Dan Woodward, Engineer, will talk about how Fort Collins is leading the way with the Big Jump program.

Room 104:

New Marketing for Trails and Bicycling

This session will present on new frontiers to market people to trail and bicycling.  New changes in the bike share business have been making bike share available in smaller markets.  Finally, learn how can Travel Iowa help your efforts to market your trail or bicycling.

Tips and Tricks for Promoting Trails
Kim Manning
Cedar Falls Tourism Bureau
Take part in a discussion about ways to get the word out about bicycling in your community.

The What & How of Bike Sharing
Brian Dewey
Koloni Bike Share
The presentation will be focused around the evolution of bike sharing and how its has become more equitable for riders and cities. We will discuss the benefits of a bike share in your community. We will also see how cities can use bike shares to help make important decisions when it comes to bicycle infrastructure.

How to Market Trails and Events with Travel Iowa
Brooke Miller & Amy Zeigler
Travel Iowa
Learn how the Iowa Tourism Office is marketing bike trails as a tourism destinations, how you can partner with their marketing efforts and get tips and tricks on your own digital and social marketing platforms.

10:00 AM to 10:30 AM  Networking Break

10:30 AM to 12:00 PM Session 2

Room 105:

Great Networks Make Great Biking: The Bike Network Analysis
Dr. Jennifer Boldry, PeopleForBikes

Dan Woodward, Engineer, City of Fort Collins

If you want to learn how to quantify the quality of your bike network and track improvement over time, this is the session for you! Jennifer Boldry, Director of Research, will present the new Bike Network Analysis. Dan Woodward, Engineer, will talk about how Fort Collins is using the Bike Network Analysis to implement a complete, comfortable, connected bike network in Fort Collins.

Room 104:

New Safety Efforts
Milly Ortiz
Iowa DOT
The Iowa DOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is back on track.  Milly will present on features of this plan.

Driver Education Program
Mark Wyatt & Charlie Smith
Iowa Bicycle Coalition
The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is launching an ambitious effort to promote safe vehicle operations around bicyclists in driver education courses across the state of Iowa.  Learn more about how to access the course, volunteer network, and more.

Safety Performance Measures
Jan Laaser-Webb
Iowa DOT
This session will focus on the recent safety performance measure requirement from the US DOT.

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Lunch and Networking, Room 107

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM  Session 3

Room 105:

Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

KC Atkins, P.E. (MN, WI, SD)
Associate | Senior Engineer
Toole Design Group

Hannah Pritchard
Toole Design Group

Separated bike lanes are quickly becoming the gold standard bike design and implementation to encourage bikers of all ages to ride. The presenters will highlight the MassDOT Separated Bike Lane Planning & Design Guide, a leading resource on separated bike lane design, as well as draw on their practical experience developing bikeways in the upper Midwest. Both presenters recently led the design of the award-winning Capital City Bikeway in Saint Paul, voted one of America’s Top 10 Best New Bikeways of 2017 by People For Bikes. Resources that will be covered in the MassDOT design guide include types of separation, treatments at intersections and transitions between bikeway types, bike signals, and other practical design considerations. The presenters will also discuss emerging topics that go beyond what’s covered in the MassDOT guide, such as winter maintenance considerations, designing for PROWAG compliance, and bus stop accommodations.

Room 104:

Art of Trails

This session will present on public art projects from the trailhead projects along the Raccoon River Valley Trail, to new efforts along the Turkey River Recreational Corridor.

Connectivity: Trails in the Turkey River Corridor
Mallory Hanson
Northeast Iowa RC&D
The Turkey River Recreational Corridor is a designated “Iowa Great Place” in Northeast Iowa. The Corridor has been working together regionally over the past eight years to develop, expand, and improve land and water trails surrounding the Turkey River. To do this, physical, emotional, and professional connections have been made to foster diverse economic development while preserving and enhancing existing natural resources within the Corridor. Partnerships, projects, successes, and challenges within the Turkey River Corridor will be highlighted in this presentation.

Liesl Voges
Community Development Manager
Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
The Iowa Great Places program, administered by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, recognizes communities that take action to enhance their local places while staying true to what makes them unique. This presentation highlights how designated Great Places throughout the state are accomplishing this goal through public art on and around their growing trail systems.

In The Shadow Of The Rails
Jim Miller
The Raccoon River Valley Trail offers an opportunity to see public art over several communities which commemorates the railroad heritage of the trail and communities.

2:30 PM to 3:00 PM  Networking Break

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM  Session 4

Room 105:

AASHTO’s “Green Book for Bikes” – What to Expect from North America’s Most Detailed and Comprehensive Facility Design Guide

KC Atkins, P.E. (MN, WI, SD)
Associate | Senior Engineer
Toole Design Group

Hannah Pritchard
Toole Design Group

Once adopted, the Fifth Edition of the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities will be the most detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative resource for North American bikeway design ever created. This update significantly expands and reorganizes the Guide, providing a level of specific, thoroughly researched design guidance more in line with AASHTO’s “Green Book” Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets. Given rapid advances in bicycle facility design practices over the past decade—and in the context of extended and ongoing postponements of revisions to the MUTCD—the Guide will fill a pressing need to consolidate varied design guidance and align practices nationally. New content includes more deliberate consideration of the design user profile, a new section consolidating elements of design, and chapters with guidance specific to separated bike lanes, bike boulevards, complex intersections, and bikeway maintenance, among other additional topics. Join us as we provide a preview of what updates to expect directly from authors of the new Guide anticipated for release in 2018!


Room 104:

Success & Lessons with New Bicycle Facilities
Brian Willham
City of Des Moines

Tony Filippini
City of Ames

In 2017, the communities of Des Moines and Ames completed multimodal roadway improvements aimed at improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Learn about these first-in-the-region roadway design features and how these communities are using these projects to improve cycling throughout the network.