River’s Edge Project

The River’s Edge Trail Project is a collaborative effort between landscape architect Mike Bell and RDG Planning & Design to create a multi-use trail along the Iowa River from Eldora to Marshalltown. The goal of the project is to provide a safe and accessible route for cyclists, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Iowa River Valley while promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Mike Bell’s expertise in landscape architecture has been instrumental in designing the trail to integrate with the natural environment, incorporating sustainable features and minimizing the impact on the local ecosystem. The project includes amenities such as rest areas, scenic overlooks, and interpretive signage to enhance the user experience and educate visitors about the area’s history and ecology.

The River’s Edge Trail Project is an important part of the Iowa River Trail network, connecting communities and providing a vital recreational resource for locals and visitors alike. Mike Bell and RDG Planning & Design are committed to creating a sustainable and inclusive trail system that promotes active living and showcases the natural beauty of Iowa’s rivers and valleys.